algoliasearch4.23.3AlgoliaSearch API JavaScript client
allmighty-autocomplete1.0.140706Simple to use autocomplete directive in a module for AngularJs!
angucomplete-alt3.0.0Awesome Autocompleteness for AngularJS
at.js1.5.4Add Github like mentions autocomplete to your application.
autocompeter1.2.3A really fast AJAX autocomplete service and widget
autocomplete.js0.38.1Fast and fully-featured autocomplete library
awesomplete1.1.5Ultra lightweight, usable, beautiful autocomplete with zero dependencies.
bootstrap-3-typeahead4.0.2Bootstrap 3 Typeahead: The typeahead autocomplete plugin for Twitter's Bootstrap 2 ready to use with Bootstrap 3.
corejs-typeahead1.3.4fast and fully-featured autocomplete library
easy-autocomplete1.3.5EasyAutocomplete is a jQuery autocomplete plugin. Easy to create autocomplete dropdown list for text input fields
email-autocomplete0.1.3jQuery plugin that displays in-place autocomplete suggestions for email input fields.
horsey4.2.2Progressive and customizable autocomplete component
JavaScript-autoComplete1.0.4An extremely lightweight vanilla JavaScript completion suggester.
jquery-autocomplete1.0.7An extremely lightweight completion suggester plugin for jQuery.
jquery-flexdatalist2.3.0jQuery Datalist Autocomplete plugin
jquery-typeahead2.11.2jQuery plugin that provides Typeahead (autocomplete) Search preview from Json object(s) via same domain Ajax request or cross domain Jsonp and offers data compression inside Local Storage. The plugin is built with a lot of options and callbacks to allow customization.
jquery.devbridge-autocomplete1.4.11Autocomplete provides suggestions while you type into the text field.
magicsuggest2.1.7MagicSuggest is a multiple selection auto suggest combo box for Bootstrap 3.
materialize-autocomplete1.0.7Materialize-css styled autocomplete
react-autocomplete1.8.1Accessible, extensible, Autocomplete for React.js
react-autosuggest10.0.4WAI-ARIA compliant React autosuggest component
sifter0.5.4A library for textually searching arrays and hashes of objects by property (or multiple properties). Designed specifically for autocomplete.
tAutocomplete1.0.0Automplete drop-down lists the details in a table format. The plugin is useful when multiple details has to be displayed.
tributejs5.1.3Native ES6 @mentions
typeahead.js0.11.1fast and fully-featured autocomplete library
TypeWatch3.0.2A jquery plugin to determine when a user has stopped typing in a text field.
vue-instant1.0.4vue instant allows you to easily create custom search controls with auto suggestions for your vue 2 application.
tarekraafat-autocomplete.js10.2.7Simple autocomplete pure vanilla Javascript library.
voerro-vue-tagsinput2.7.1A simple tags input with typeahead made with Vue.js 2
vue-bootstrap-typeahead0.2.6A typeahead/autocomplete component for Vue 2 using Bootstrap 4
tom-select2.3.1Tom Select is a versatile and dynamic