antd-mobile2.3.4A configurable Mobile UI specification and React-based implementation.
antd5.3.2An UI design language
bootstrap-rating1.5.0A small jQuery plugin that turns an input field into a highly customizable rating component
egjs-component3.0.4A base class utility that manages events and options in modules.
egjs2.0.0Set of UI interactions, effects and utilities components library.
fallback1.1.9JavaScript library for dynamically loading CSS and JS files. Also provides the ability to load multiple files from a CDN with multiple fallback options and shimming! http://fallback.io/
ikki0.2.0The extention toolkit for Riot.js
iview3.5.4A high quality UI components Library with Vue.js
milojs1.6.1Browser/nodejs reactive programming and data driven DOM manipulation with modular components.
mint-ui2.2.13Mobile UI elements for vue.js
ng-inline-edit0.7.0Simple inline editing for HTML elements
onsen2.12.8HTML5 Mobile Framework & UI Components
react-block-ui1.3.6Block UI for react
react-flip-move3.0.5Effortless animation between DOM changes (eg. list reordering) using the FLIP technique.
react-inlinesvg0.8.0An SVG loader for React
react-motion-ui-pack0.10.3Addon component wrappers for common UI transitions.
react-motion0.5.2A spring that solves your animation problems.
react-popper2.3.0React wrapper around PopperJS.
react-sortable-hoc1.11.0Set of higher-order components to turn any list into a sortable, touch-friendly, animated list
react-swipe6.0.4Brad Birdsall's Swipe.js, as a React component
reactstrap9.1.6React Bootstrap 4 components
soundplayer-widget0.4.2Lightweight embedded SoundCloud player widgets
t3js2.7.0T3 Javascript Framework
vega-embed6.21.3Publish Vega visualizations as embedded web components with interactive parameters.
viewerjs1.11.3JavaScript image viewer.
vue-instant1.0.4vue instant allows you to easily create custom search controls with auto suggestions for your vue 2 application.
vue-smart-table2.5.0A table with dynamic components for vue.js
vuetify3.1.11Vue.js 2 Semantic Component Framework
rsuite5.29.0A suite of react components
tui-calendar1.15.3TOAST UI Calendar
san3.12.2A Flexible JavaScript Component Framework
ant-design-vue3.2.16An enterprise-class UI design language and Vue-based implementation
react-day-picker7.4.10Flexible date picker component for React
carbon-components10.58.6The Carbon Design System is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences.
tui-image-editor3.15.3TOAST UI Component: ImageEditor
alifd__next1.26.15A configurable component library for web built on React.
unistore3.5.2Dead simple centralized state container (store) with preact and react bindings.
view-design4.7.0A high quality UI components Library with Vue.js
zoid9.0.87Cross domain components.
css-vars-ponyfill2.4.8Client-side support for CSS custom properties (aka "CSS variables") in legacy and modern browsers
github-buttons2.24.0GitHub Buttons
react-extras3.0.0Useful components and utilities for working with React
react-markdown-editor-lite1.3.4A light-weight Markdown editor of React component
vue-functional-calendar2.9.97Lightweight, high-performance calendar component based on Vue.js
quantumui1.2.0The most powerful ANGULARJS and Bootstrap CSS based UI components make developer life easy.
tui-date-picker4.3.3TOAST UI Components: DatePicker
vue-imgix2.9.1A simple yet powerful integration between Vue and Imgix
vant4.1.1Lightweight Mobile UI Components built on Vue
daisyui2.51.5Tailwind CSS Components
simple-keyboard3.5.40On-screen Javascript Virtual Keyboard
lottie-player1.7.1Lottie animation and Telegram Sticker player web components.
vscode-webview-ui-toolkit1.2.2A component library for building webview-based extensions in Visual Studio Code.
bulma-tooltip1.2.0Display a tooltip attached to any kind of element, in different position.
webcomponents-template-polyfill1.5.0HTML template element polyfill.