backbone.obscura0.1.6A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.
datatable2.0.2Datatable is a smart javascript plugin allowing you to easily create dynamic 'datatables' (with pagination, filtering and sorting) for better management of big quantity of data.
jplist5.2.0jPList - jQuery Data Grid Controls is a flexible jQuery plugin for sorting, pagination and filtering of any HTML structure (DIVs, UL/LI, tables, etc)
jquery.isotope3.0.6Filter and sort magical layouts
mixitup3.3.1A CSS3 and jQuery Filter & Sort Plugin
datatables.net-searchpanes2.3.0SearchPanes for DataTables
datatables.net-searchpanes-bs2.3.0SearchPanes for DataTables with styling for [Bootstrap](https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/)