knockout-bootstrap0.2.1Knockout Bindings for Bootstrap Widgets
knockout-dragdrop2.6.1A drag and drop binding for Knockout
knockout-es50.4.6Knockout.js meets ECMAScript 5 properties
knockout-paging0.4.0Adds an extender to Knockout to add paging functionality to observable arrays.
knockout-postbox0.6.1A small library that uses Knockout's native pub/sub capabilities to facilitate decoupled communication between separate view models or components.
knockout-pre-rendered0.11.0Knockout pre-rendered
knockout-validation2.0.4A KnockoutJS Plugin for model and property validation
knockout.mapping2.4.1Object mapping plugin for Knockout
sevenSeg.js0.2.0sevenSeg.js is a jQueryUI plugin for creating vector-based (SVG) seven-segment displays. Bindings for Knockout included!
devextreme23.1.6HTML5 JavaScript Component Suite for Responsive Web Development
knockstrap1.4.1Knockout bindings to Twitter Bootstrap 3
knockout-jqueryui2.2.4knockout binding handlers for jQuery UI
devextreme-dist23.1.6HTML5 JavaScript Component Suite for Responsive Web Development