ammaps3.21.15JavaScript Maps V3, a ready-to-use library, providing instant drop-in solution for adding accessible, interactive mapping functionality to your web sites and applications. Features hundreds of hand-crafted quality maps, vast customization options, and flexible functionality.
buckets1.98.2Buckets is a complete, fully tested and documented data structure library written in pure JavaScript.
collect.js4.28.7Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects.
d3-collection1.0.7Handy data structures for elements keyed by string.
es6-shim0.35.6ECMAScript 6 (Harmony) compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines
geoext1.1GeoExt brings together the geospatial know how of OpenLayers with the user interface savvy of Ext JS to help you build powerful desktop style GIS apps on the web with JavaScript.
geojs1.2.0JavaScript Geo visualization and Analysis Library
geolocator2.1.5A utility for getting geo-location information via HTML5 and IP look-ups, geocoding, address look-ups, distance and durations, timezone information and more...
heatcanvas1.2.3Simple heatmap api based on HTML5 canvas.
highmaps6.0.3Highmaps is Highcharts for geo maps. Mainly choropleth maps where the color intensity relates to some value of a geographic area, but Highmaps also supports different features like lines (roads, rivers etc.) and points (cities, points of interest) and more. Highmaps comes in two flavors, either as a standalone JavaScript file, or as a plugin for Highcharts. Highmaps is NOT free for commercial use. See the license and pricing here: http://shop.highsoft.com/highmaps.html
image-map-resizer1.0.10Make the HTML image map responsive, so the map scales with the image
jquery-locationpicker0.1.12This plug-in allows to easily find and select a location on the Google map. Along with a single point selection, it allows to choose an area by providing its center and the radius. All the data can be saved to any HTML input element automatically as well as be processed by Javascript (callback support). The other feature of the plug-in is automatic address resolver which allows to get address line from the selected latitude and longitude. The plug-in also supports searching by address typed into the bound input element which uses auto-complete feature from Google API to make the search process easier. In this case the marker will be automatically positioned on the map after successful address resolution.
jquery-mapael2.2.0jQuery Mapael is a jQuery plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps.
jqvmap1.5.1jQuery Vector Map Library
jvectormap2.0.5jQuery plugin for embedding vector maps with reach API and methods for data visualization to the web-pages.
kartograph-js0.8.7JavaScript library for SVG mapping
leaflet-editable1.2.0Make geometries editable in Leaflet
leaflet-gpx1.5.2GPX layer, targeted at sporting activities by providing access to information such as distance, moving time, pace, elevation, heart rate, etc.
leaflet-hash0.2.1linkable location hashes for leaflet
leaflet-plugins3.4.0Miscellaneous plugins for Leaflet library for services that need to display route information and need satellite imagery from different providers
Leaflet.EasyButton2.4.0easily add control buttons to your leaflet maps with icon support
mapbox-gl2.3.1A WebGL interactive maps library
maphilight1.4.2a plugin that adds visual hilights to image maps
ol34.6.5Build tools and sources for developing OpenLayers based mapping applications
openlayers4.6.5OpenLayers is a JavaScript library for building map applications on the web.
OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier-Leaflet0.2.6Deals with overlapping markers in the Leaflet maps API, Google Earth-style.
OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier1.0.3Deals with overlapping markers in Google Maps JS API v3, Google Earth-style.
react-leaflet3.1.0React components for Leaflet maps
tez.js10.0.1Lightweight, Flexible, Fast, Memory and Power Effecient Animation, Function and DOM Manager
Turf.js6.5.0a node.js library for performing geospatial operations with geojson
typeahead-addresspicker0.1.4A quick full rewrite of jquery address picker plugin, using typeahead autocomplete from twitter and new google maps API: PlacesService and AutocompleteService
wicket1.3.6A modest library for moving between Well-Known Text (WKT) and various framework geometries
Vue2Leaflet2.7.1Vue2 leaflet library
modestmaps3.3.5A display and interaction library for tile-based maps.
cesium1.83.0CesiumJS is a JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser without a plugin.
maptalks0.49.5A light JavaScript library to create integrated 2D/3D maps.
collections5.1.12data structures with idiomatic JavaScript collection interfaces
mapbox.js3.3.1Mapbox plugin for Leaflet
leaflet-geosearch3.3.2Adds support for address lookup (a.k.a. geocoding / geoseaching) to Leaflet.
leaflet-search2.9.9Leaflet Control for searching markers/features by attribute on map or remote searching in jsonp/ajax
prunecluster2.1.0Fast and realtime marker clustering for Leaflet
jstreemap1.28.2Library of associative containers; it implements TreeMap, TreeSet, TreeMultiMap and TreeMultiSet classes
mini-tokyo-3d2.8.0A real-time 3D digital map of Tokyo's public transport system
mootable-hashmap1.0.7Full featured, fast, HAMT based HashMaps