bigfoot2.1.4A jQuery plugin for creating exceptional HTML footnotes.
fontawesome-iconpicker3.2.0Font Awesome Icon Picker plugin for Twitter Bootstrap
ns-popover0.6.8A popover directive for angularJs
react-popper2.3.0React wrapper around PopperJS.
webui-popover1.2.18A enhancement popover plugin for Bootstrap ,but you can use it stand-alone without Bootstrap!
driver.js1.3.1A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript library to drive the user's focus across the page
ng-bootstrap10.0.0Angular powered Bootstrap
bootstrap-vue2.23.1Quickly integrate Bootstrap 4 components with Vue.js
share-this1.3.1Medium-like text selection sharing without dependencies
xel0.27.0Widget toolkit for building native-like Electron, NW.js and Chrome apps
shards-vue1.0.7A free, beautiful and modern Vue.js UI kit based on the Shards UI kit.
angular-tooltips1.2.2Angular.js tooltips module.
jqwidgets19.2.0jQWidgets is an advanced jQuery, Angular, React, ASP .NET MVC, Custom Elements and HTML5 UI framework.