alasql4.0.2Versatile SQL database for browser or node. Handles relational data and nested JSON (noSQL). Export to and import from Excel, localStorage or IndexedDB
css-element-queries1.2.3CSS-Element-Queries Polyfill. proof-of-concept for high-speed element dimension/media queries in valid css.
esri-leaflet-related3.0.0A Leaflet plugin that allows users to query related tables.
hazzik-jquery.livequery1.3.6Live Query utilizes the power of jQuery selectors by firing callbacks for matched elements auto-magically, even after the page has been loaded and the DOM updated.
html.js0.12.1An intuitive, extensible way to work directly with the DOM.
jinq1.6.1jinqJs provides you the ability to query, update and delete javaScript arrays using SQL like syntaxes and LINQ like expressions.
json-mask2.0.0Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.
linq.js4.0.1linq.js - LINQ for JavaScript. Implements all .NET 4.0 LINQ to Objects methods and many extra methods (inspiration from Rx, Achiral, Haskell, Ruby, etc...)
qwery4.0.0blazing fast CSS3 query selector engine
sql.js1.8.0SQLite library with support for opening and writing databases, prepared statements, and more. This SQLite library is in pure javascript (compiled with emscripten).
jQuery-QueryBuilder2.6.2jQuery plugin for user friendly query/filter creator
query-string8.1.0Parse and stringify URL query strings