angular-chart.js1.1.1An angular.js wrapper for Chart.js
angular-i18n1.8.3Locales for AngularJS
angular-md50.1.10A md5 crypto component for Angular.js
angular-summernote0.8.1AngularJS directive to Summernote
angular-translate-handler-log2.19.1Uses angular's $log service to give a warning when trying to translate a translation id which doesn't exist.
angular-translate-interpolation-messageformat2.19.1Uses MessageFormat.js to interpolate strings against some values.
angular-translate-loader-static-files2.19.1Creates a loading function for a typical static file url pattern: "lang-en_US.json", "lang-de_DE.json", etc. Using this builder, the response of these urls must be an object of key-value pairs.
angular-translate-loader-url2.19.1Creates a loading function for a typical dynamic url pattern: "locale.php?lang=en_US", "locale.php?lang=de_DE", "locale.php?language=nl_NL" etc. Prefixing the specified url, the current requested, language id will be applied with "?{queryParameter}={key}". Using this service, the response of these urls must be an object of key-value pairs.
angular-translate-storage-cookie2.19.1Abstraction layer for cookieStore. This service is used when telling angular-translate to use cookieStore as storage.
angular-translate-storage-local2.19.1Abstraction layer for localStorage. This service is used when telling angular-translate to use localStorage as storage.
angular-translate2.19.1i18n for your Angular apps, made easy
angular-ui-bootstrap2.5.6Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Bootstrap
angular-ui-utils0.1.1AngularUI is the companion suite to the AngularJS framework.
angular-ui0.4.0AngularUI - The companion suite for AngularJS
angular.js1.8.3AngularJS is an MVC framework for building web applications. The core features include HTML enhanced with custom component and data-binding capabilities, dependency injection and strong focus on simplicity, testability, maintainability and boiler-plate reduction.
angularFire2.3.0The officially supported AngularJS binding for Firebase
angularjs-nvd3-directives0.0.7Angular.js directives for nvd3
ng-flow2.7.8Flow.js html5 file upload extension on angular.js framework
vjs-video0.1.11An angular js directive for video.js