aight2.1.1un-suck JavaScript APIs in IE8 & 9
ajile2.1.7ajile enables namespacing, dependency-management, and on-demand loading of cross-domain, local, and inline JavaScript within browsers.
angular-filter0.5.17Bunch of useful filters for angularJS(with no external dependencies!)
angular-material1.2.5Material Design for AngularJS Apps
angular-messages1.8.3AngularJS module that provides enhanced support for displaying messages within templates
angular-mocks1.8.3AngularJS mocks for testing
angular-resource1.8.3AngularJS module for interacting with RESTful server-side data sources
angular-sanitize1.8.3AngularJS module for sanitizing HTML
angular-touch1.8.3AngularJS module for touch events and helpers for touch-enabled devices
angular-wizard1.1.1Easy to use Wizard library for AngularJS
avalon.js2.2.7A lightweight,high-performance and easy-to-learn javascript MVVM framework
backbone.babysitter1.0.0Manage child views in a Backbone.View
backbone.obscura0.1.6A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.
backbone.projections1.0.0Various projections for Backbone.Collection
backbone.stickit0.9.2Model binding in Backbone style.
backbone.syphon0.8.0Serialize a Backbone.View in to a JavaScript object
bigslide.js0.12.0A tiny slide panel navigation jQuery plugin with big dreams
bitcoinjs-lib0.2.0-1Client-side Bitcoin JavaScript library
bootstrap-material-design4.0.2Material Design for Bootstrap 3
bowser2.11.0A small, fast and rich-API browser/platform/engine detector for both browser and node.
brython3.12.4Python 3 in the browser
canvg3.0.10Javascript SVG parser and renderer on Canvas
cash8.1.5An absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers.
clarinet0.12.6SAX based evented streaming JSON parser in JavaScript (browser and node)
ClientJS0.2.1Device information and digital fingerprinting written in pure JavaScript.
cssuseragent2.1.31CssUserAgent: user-agent specific CSS support
deb.js0.0.2Minimalistic JavaScript library for debugging in the browser
detectizr2.2.0Detectizr is a Modernizr extension to detect device, browser, operating system and screen.
dexie4.0.8A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB
dio9.1.0Dio is a lightweight (~7kb) feature rich Virtual DOM framework
eddy0.7.0Event Driven JS
egjs-agent2.4.3Extracts browser and operating system information from the user agent string.
evaporate2.1.4Javascript library for browser to S3 multipart resumable uploads
EventEmitter5.2.8Event based JavaScript for the browser
fingerprintjs22.1.5The library is renamed to @fingerprintjs/fingerprintjs. Check the link below to get updates.
flexboxgrid6.3.1Grid based off of CSS3 flexbox specification
forerunnerdb2.0.24A NoSQL document store database for browsers and Node.js.
github-markdown-css5.6.1The minimal amount of CSS to replicate the GitHub Markdown style
gotem0.0.3Copy to clipboard for modern browsers in less than 1kb.
hasher1.2.0Hasher is a set of JavaScript functions to control browser history for rich-media websites and applications
i18next-xhr-backend3.2.2Backend layer for i18next using browsers XHR
ieBetter.js1.0.3make ie browser like a morden browser main for ie6~ie8
ifvisible2.0.10Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it. (wrapper around HTML5 visibility api)
infamous21.2.0A famo.us UI library.
inferno-component7.4.11Provides ES2015 stateful components (with lifecycle events) to Inferno
inferno-server8.2.3Provides methods to render HTML strings from Inferno elements
inferno-vnode-flags8.2.3Provides an enum of all possible VNode Flags used when calling Inferno.createVNode
inferno8.2.3An extremely fast, isomorphic JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces
jquery-bgiframe3.0.1A jQuery plugin that helps ease the pain when having to deal with IE z-index issues.
jquery-browser0.1.0A jQuery plugin for browser detection.
jquery-compat3.0.0-alpha1JavaScript library for DOM operations
jquery-infinitescroll4.0.1Infinite Scroll is a JavaScript plugin that automatically adds the next page, saving users from a full page load.
jquery-localScroll2.0.0Animated anchor navigation made easy with jQuery
jquery-mapael2.2.0jQuery Mapael is a jQuery plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps.
jquery-mousewheel3.1.13A jQuery plugin that adds cross-browser mouse wheel support.
jquery-scrollTo2.1.3Lightweight, cross-browser and highly customizable animated scrolling with jQuery
jReject1.1.5jReject is a simple tool for rejecting specific browsers in a nice modal window
js-cookie3.0.5A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling cookies
jsfile0.1.17JavaScript library for working with files in browser
jslite1.1.12JSLite is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers with a largely jQuery-compatible API. If you use jQuery, you already know how to use JSLite.
jwerty0.3.2Awesome handling of keyboard events
lamb0.61.1A lightweight, and docile, JavaScript library to help embracing functional programming.
livequery1.1.1A jQuery plugin that helps with dynamic DOMs.
lodash-compat3.10.2The compatibility build of lodash.js
lodash.js4.17.21A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.
loglevel1.9.1Minimal lightweight logging for JavaScript, adding reliable log level methods to any available console.log methods
mithril2.2.3A framework for building brilliant applications
mobile-detect1.4.5Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)
mootools1.6.0MooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented JavaScript framework designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer.
mori0.3.2Persistent Data Structures for JavaScript
motajs0.18.0JavaScript library that aims to allow the developer to easily build web applications.
oboe.js2.1.5Oboe.js reads json, giving you the objects as they are found without waiting for the stream to finish
outdated-browser1.1.5A time saving tool for developers. It detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version.
peaks.js0.26.0Frontend app for displaying audio waveforms
q.js1.5.1A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)
rangeslider.js2.3.3Simple, small and fast JavaScript/jQuery polyfill for the HTML5 slider element
response.js0.10.1Response is an experimental jQuery/Ender/Zepto plugin that gives web designers tools for building responsive websites. It can dynamically swap content based on breakpoints and data attributes.
restangular1.6.0Restful Resources service for AngularJS apps
sails.io.js1.2.1Javascript SDK for communicating w/ a Sails server via WebSockets/socket.io.
salvattore1.0.9A jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS-driven configuration
seajs3.0.3A Module Loader for the Web
simple-slider1.0.1The 1kb JavaScript Carousel
smart-table-scroll0.2.0Build scrollable tables w/ many(1MM) rows.
soundmanager2V2.97a.20170601A JavaScript Sound API supporting MP3, MPEG4 and HTML5 audio + RTMP, providing reliable cross-browser/platform audio control in as little as 12 KB.
stacktrace.js2.0.2Framework-agnostic, micro-library for getting stack traces in all environments
stampit4.3.1Create objects from reusable, composable behaviors.
strophe.js1.2.16Strophe.js is an XMPP library for JavaScript
t3js2.7.0T3 Javascript Framework
trackpad-scroll-emulator1.0.8A jQuery plugin that emulates OSX trackpad-style scrollbars in any browser or platform.
transducers.js0.3.2A small library for generalized transformation of data
tree-model1.0.7Manipulate and traverse tree-like structures in javascript.
UAParser.js1.0.37Lightweight JavaScript-based user-agent string parser
urljs2.7.0A lightweight JavaScript library to manipulate the page url.
validate-js2.0.1Lightweight JavaScript form validation library inspired by CodeIgniter.
vault.js1.0.3Key-Value Storage of true data types for the browser and node
vis4.21.0A dynamic, browser-based visualization library.
vquery5.0.1A simple, light-weight, vanilla JS wrapper for jQuery-like syntax.
vue-material1.0.0Material Design for Vue.js
vue3.4.31Simple, Fast & Composable MVVM for building interactive interfaces
ng-browser-info0.1.6ngBrowserInfo is an AngularJS service that gives you a collection of methods for knowing more about your client browser.
modern-normalize2.0.0Normalize browsers' default style
modestmaps3.3.5A display and interaction library for tile-based maps.
angular-animate1.8.3AngularJS module for CSS-based animations (keyframes and transitions) as well as JavaScript-based animations.
angular-aria1.8.3AngularJS module for common ARIA attributes that convey state or semantic information about the application for users of assistive technologies, such as screen readers.
angular-cookies1.8.3AngularJS module for reading and writing browser cookies
angular-loader1.8.3Module loader for AngularJS modules. If you are loading multiple script files containing AngularJS modules, you can load them asynchronously and in any order as long as you load this file first.
angular-message-format1.8.3AngularJS module extends the AngularJS $interpolate service with a syntax for handling pluralization and gender specific messages, which is based on the ICU MessageFormat syntax.
angular-parse-ext1.8.3AngularJS module provides functionality to allow Unicode characters in identifiers inside AngularJS expressions.
angular-route1.8.3AngularJS module for routing and deeplinking services and directives
playcanvas1.72.1PlayCanvas WebGL game engine
turndown7.2.0A library that converts HTML to Markdown
node-open10.1.0Open stuff like URLs, files, executables. Cross-platform.
iphone-inline-video2.2.2Make videos playable inline on the iPhone (prevents automatic full screen)
auth0-js9.26.1Auth0 headless browser sdk
xlsx-populate1.21.0Excel XLSX parser/generator written in JavaScript with Node.js and browser support, jQuery/d3-style method chaining, and a focus on keeping existing workbook features and styles in tact.
tldjs2.3.1JavaScript API to work against complex domain names, subdomains and URIs.
outdated-browser-rework3.0.1Detects outdated browsers and asks users to upgrade to a new version. Handles mobile devices!
smartquotes2.3.2Smart quotes are smart typography.
clamp-js0.7.0Clamps (ie. cuts off) an HTML element's content by adding ellipsis to it if the content inside is too long.
query-string9.0.0Parse and stringify URL query strings
ky0.27.0Tiny and elegant HTTP client based on the browser Fetch API
es6-promise-pool2.5.0Runs Promises in a pool that limits their concurrency.
vis-network9.1.9A dynamic, browser-based visualization library.
emoji-js3.8.0A JS Emoji conversion library
browser-image-compression2.0.2Compress images in the browser
i18next-http-backend2.5.2Backend layer for i18next using browsers XHR or fetch api
oauth4webapi2.11.1OAuth 2 / OpenID Connect for JavaScript Runtimes
vis-data7.1.9Manage unstructured data using DataSet. Add, update, and remove data, and listen for changes in the data.
yox1.0.0-alpha.408A lightweight mvvm framework
soga0.2.0Http Request Library for JavaScript Application
zl-fetch6.0.2A library that makes the Fetch API easy to use
isotope-packery2.0.1packery layout mode for Isotope
logtail-browser0.4.21Logtail browser logger by Better Stack
azure-storage-blob12.23.0Microsoft Azure Storage SDK for JavaScript - Blob
ajaxrequest.js2.1.9A JavaScript class library that can help in managing AJAX requests.
twing6.1.0First-class JavaScript Twig compiler