angular-filter0.5.17Bunch of useful filters for angularJS(with no external dependencies!)
backbone.collectionView3.0.0Easily render backbone.js collections with support for automatic selection of models in response to clicks, reordering models via drag and drop, and more.
backbone.obscura0.1.6A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.
backbone.projections1.0.0Various projections for Backbone.Collection
collect.js4.36.1Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects.
d3-collection1.0.7Handy data structures for elements keyed by string.
flag-icon-css6.11.1This package has been renamed to flag-icons
immutable4.3.4Immutable Data Collections
javascript.util0.12.12javascript.util is a port of selected parts of java.util to JavaScript which main purpose is to ease porting Java code to JavaScript.
sw-toolbox3.6.1Service Worker Toolbox provides some simple helpers for use in creating your own service workers.
flag-icons6.11.1:flags: A collection of all country flags in SVG — plus the CSS for easier integration
symfonyCollectionJs4.3.1A plugin working with and without jquery to dynamically create elements of a symfony form collection.
alt-lodash1.0.5This library can be used as alternate of lodash