gijgo1.9.14Gijgo is a set of free open source javascript controls distributed under MIT License. All widgets are high performance, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library with built-in support for Bootstrap, Material Design and Font Awesome. They are designed to saves you time and scales with your development process.
handsontable14.4.0Spreadsheet-like data grid editor that provides copy/paste functionality compatible with Excel/Google Docs
jquery.googlemap1.5.1A jQuery Plugin allows you to easely manipulate the Google Map API. You are now able to create maps, add some markers and create routes.
pqGrid3.5.1Data grid inspired by MS Excel, provides sorting, filtering, paging, grouping, nesting, rows and cell selections, frozen rows, frozen columns, Add, delete, update, search, can display HTML, JSON, Array, XML, inline editing, validations, virtual rendering, virtual scrolling, cross browser, cross platform, Themeroller ready with 24 ready to use themes.
react-table6.11.5A fast, lightweight, opinionated table and datagrid built on React
tabulator6.2.1Interactive table generation JavaScript library
primeng17.18.0PrimeNG is a collection of rich UI components for Angular 2
primereact10.6.6PrimeReact is a rich set of open source UI Components for React.
devextreme23.2.6HTML5 JavaScript Component Suite for Responsive Web Development
tabulator-tables6.2.1Interactive table generation JavaScript library
devextreme-dist23.2.5HTML5 JavaScript Component Suite for Responsive Web Development