angular-base642.0.5Base64 conversion for AngularJS
aurora.js-aac0.1.0An AAC decoder for Aurora.js
aurora.js-alac0.1.0An Apple Lossless decoder for Aurora.js
aurora.js-flac0.2.1A FLAC decoder for Aurora.js
aurora.js-mp30.1.0An MP3 decoder for Aurora.js
he1.2.0A robust HTML entities encoder/decoder with full Unicode support.
jsmpeg0.2MPEG1 Video Decoder in JavaScript
string.js3.3.3string contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla JavaScript string such as escaping html, decoding html entities, stripping tags, etc.
hashids2.3.0Generate YouTube-like ids from numbers. Use Hashids when you do not want to expose your database ids to the user.
query-string9.0.0Parse and stringify URL query strings
jose5.2.4'JSON Web Almost Everything' - JWA, JWS, JWE, JWT, JWK, JWKS for Node.js, Browser, Cloudflare Workers, Deno, Bun, and other Web-interoperable runtimes