angular-bindonce0.3.3Zero watchers binding directives for AngularJS
angular-bootstrap-datetimepicker4.0.1This directive allows you to add a datetime-picker to your form elements.
angular-chartist.js4.3.4Angular directive for Chartist.js
angular-ckeditor1.0.3CKEditor directive for Angular.
angular-debounce0.1.7AngularJS Debounce service and directive
angular-file-upload2.6.1Angular File Upload is a module for the AngularJS framework
angular-fontselect0.13.4A fontselect directive for AngularJS
angular-leaflet-directive0.10.0angular-leaflet-directive - An AngularJS directive to easily interact with Leaflet maps
angular-nvd31.0.9An AngularJS directive for NVD3.js reusable charting library
angular-resizable1.2.0A directive for creating resizable containers in angular.
angular-slick-carousel3.1.7Angular directive for slick carousel
angular-summernote0.8.1AngularJS directive to Summernote
angular-ui-codemirror0.3.0This directive allows you to add CodeMirror to your textarea elements.
angular-ui-date1.0.1This directive allows you to add a date-picker to your form elements.
angular-ui-slider0.4.0This directive allows you to add a slider to your form elements.
angular-ui-tinymce0.0.19This directive allows you to add a tinymce to your form elements.
angularjs-pdf2.0.0An Angularjs directive to display PDF in the browser with PDFJS.
json-formatter0.7.0Angular Publishable Directive Boilerplate
ng-currency1.2.9Directive that works in conjunction with currency filter.
ng-quill4.5.3Angular directive for rich text editor Quill
ng-sortable1.3.8Angular Library for Drag and Drop, supports Sortable and Draggable.
ngAnalytics1.1.2Angular directive for Google Analytics Embed API
ngCart1.0.0Really simple shopping cart for AngularJS
textAngular1.5.16A radically powerful Text-Editor/Wysiwyg editor for Angular.js
ui-leaflet1.0.3ui-leaflet - An AngularJS directive to easily interact with Leaflet maps
vjs-video0.1.11An angular js directive for video.js
angular-ui-switch0.1.1iOS 7 style switch directive for AngularJS
textAngularJs2.1.2A fork of textangular that can be used on Angular 1.7+