d3-ease3.0.0Easing functions for smooth animation.
es6-tween5.5.11ES6 implementation of amazing tween.js
flipCounter1.2Uses valid markup and an image sprite to render an analogue clock / odometer effect. Clock image is easily customizable, default options can be easily overriden, can be easily animated and extended with jQuery.easing plugin, gracefully degrades if Javascript is not available.
gsap3.12.5GSAP is a JavaScript library for building high-performance animations that work in **every** major browser. Animate CSS, SVG, canvas, React, Vue, WebGL, colors, strings, motion paths, generic objects...anything JavaScript can touch! No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, reliability, and tight control while solving real-world problems on millions of sites. GSAP works around countless browser inconsistencies; your animations **just work**. At its core, GSAP is a high-speed property manipulator, updating values over time with extreme accuracy. It's up to 20x faster than jQuery! See https://greensock.com/why-gsap/ for what makes GSAP so special.
jquery-easy-ticker2.0.0jQuery Easy ticker plugin
smoothscroll1.4.10Smooth scrolling experience for websites. This is the standalone version of SmoothScroll for individual websites and themes. Mouse wheel, keyboard and touchpad scrolling all supported.
tweene0.5.11JavaScript Animation Proxy. It can work with GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit or jQuery.
jQuery.scrollSpeed1.0.2Extension for custom scrolling speed and easing