egjs-agent2.4.3Extracts browser and operating system information from the user agent string.
egjs-axes3.9.0A module used to change the information of user action entered by various input devices such as touch screen or mouse into the logical virtual coordinates. You can easily create a UI that responds to user actions.
egjs-component3.0.5A base class utility that manages events and options in modules.
egjs-flicking4.11.2Simple module to implement flicking carousel interaction.
egjs-infinitegrid4.11.1iA module used to arrange card elements including content infinitely on a grid layout. With this module, you can implement a grid-pattern user interface composed of different card elements whose sizes vary. It guarantees performance by maintaining the number of DOMs the module is handling under any circumstance
egjs-jquery-pauseresume2.0.1Pauses and resumes animation executed by the jQuery animate() method
egjs-jquery-transform2.0.0A method extended from the jQuery animate() method. It supports CSS transform property and 3D acceleration.
egjs-persist2.6.0Provide cache interface to handle persisted data among history navigation.
egjs-rotate2.1.0Tiny custom rotate event binder
egjs-visible2.4.0A class that checks if an element is visible in the base element or viewport.
egjs2.0.0Set of UI interactions, effects and utilities components library.