algoliasearch-helper-js2.28.1Helper for implementing advanced search features with algolia
angular-ui-router.statehelper1.3.1A helper module for AngularUI Router, which allows you to define your states as an object tree.
date-fns1.30.1Modern JavaScript date utility library
jquery-visible1.2.0Quickly check if an element is within the browsers visible viewport, regardless of scroll position. If a user can see this element, the function will return true.
jquery.serializeJSON3.2.1jQuery or Zepto plugin to serialize a form into a JavaScript Object, using the same format as the default Ruby on Rails request params
stellar-base9.0.0Low level stellar support library
stellar-sdk10.4.1stellar-sdk is a library for working with the Stellar Horizon server.
react-extras3.0.1Useful components and utilities for working with React
twgl.js5.5.3A Tiny WebGL helper library
soroban-client0.11.2soroban-client is a library for working with the Soroban RPC server.