admin-lte3.2.0Admin dashboard and control panel template
angular-formly-material0.14.3Material design templates for angular-formly
angular-formly-templates-bootstrap6.5.1Angular-Formly plugin which outputs bootstrap compatible form fields.
angular-sanitize1.8.3AngularJS module for sanitizing HTML
bootstrap-drawer1.0.6A Bootstrap add-on to create drawer (off-canvas) styled navigation
Clamp.js0.5.1Clamps an HTML element by adding ellipsis to it if the content inside is too long.
cleave.js1.6.0JavaScript library for formatting input text content when you are typing
completer0.1.3A jQuery auto complete plugin.
ContentTools1.6.16A JS library for building WYSIWYG editors for HTML content
cropper4.1.0A simple jQuery image cropping plugin.
cropperjs1.5.13JavaScript image cropper.
datepicker1.0.10A simple jQuery datepicker plugin.
diff2html2.12.2Fast Diff to colorized HTML
DinaKit1.2iTemplates DinaKit Framework
dio9.1.0Dio is a lightweight (~7kb) feature rich Virtual DOM framework
distpicker2.0.8A simple jQuery plugin for picking provinces, cities and districts of China.
dna.js1.9.5An uncomplicated user interface library
dom-to-image2.6.0Generates an image from a DOM node using HTML5 canvas and SVG
dompurify3.0.3DOMPurify is a DOM-only, super-fast, uber-tolerant XSS sanitizer for HTML, MathML and SVG. It's written in JavaScript and works in all modern browsers (Safari, Opera (15+), Internet Explorer (10+), Firefox and Chrome - as well as almost anything else using Blink or WebKit). DOMPurify is written by security people who have vast background in web attacks and XSS. Fear not.
domtastic0.15.11Small, fast, and modular DOM and event library for modern browsers.
emblem0.12.0Templating language targeting Handlebars with default Ember.js conventions
equalizecss1.3.0css-grid built on the properties of flexboxes
europa6.0.0Library for converting HTML into valid Markdown
froala-editor4.0.19A beautiful jQuery WYSIWYG HTML rich text editor. High performance and modern design make it easy to use for developers and loved by users.
garlic.js1.4.2Automatically persist your forms' text and select field values locally, until the form is submitted.
gentelella1.4.0Gentellela Admin is a free to use Bootstrap admin template
grapesjs0.21.2Free and Open Source Web Builder Framework
he1.2.0A robust HTML entities encoder/decoder with full Unicode support.
heapbox0.9.4Customizable replacement for html select (not only) with events, callbacks, themes and much more.
html-inspector0.8.2HTML Inspector is a code quality tool to help you and your team write better markup. It's written in JavaScript and runs in the browser, so testing your HTML has never been easier.
html-minifier4.0.0Highly configurable, well-tested, JavaScript-based HTML minifier.
html.js0.12.1An intuitive, extensible way to work directly with the DOM.
imageviewer1.1.0A simple jQuery image viewing plugin.
inferno-component7.4.11Provides ES2015 stateful components (with lifecycle events) to Inferno
inferno-server8.2.1Provides methods to render HTML strings from Inferno elements
inferno-vnode-flags8.2.1Provides an enum of all possible VNode Flags used when calling Inferno.createVNode
inferno8.2.1An extremely fast, isomorphic JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces
jquery.json2html1.2.0json2html - HTML Templating using JSON2HTML
js-xss0.3.3Sanitize untrusted HTML (to prevent XSS) with a configuration specified by a Whitelist
json2html2.2.3json2html - HTML Templating using JSON2HTML
jsoneditor9.10.2A web-based tool to view, edit, format, and validate JSON
kiwi0.2.1Simple, modular, fast and lightweight template engine, based on jQuery templates syntax.
list.js2.3.1The perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists and various HTML elements. Built to be invisible and work on existing HTML
list.pagination.js0.1.1A pagination plugin for List.js
mammoth1.6.0Convert Word documents from docx to simple HTML and Markdown
marked5.0.4A markdown parser built for speed
medium-editor-custom-html1.1.0Insert custom HTML using a new button in the Medium Editor toolbar
milligram1.4.1A minimalist CSS framework.
modernizr2.8.3Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.
nanobar0.4.2Very lightweight js progress bars (for browsers)
nviewjs1.0.3View template engine.
oj0.2.1A unified templating language for the people. Thirsty people.
photo-editor1.2.0A photo editing application based on the Cropper.js
photon0.1.2-alphaUI toolkit for building desktop apps with Electron.
picturefill3.0.3A responsive image polyfill.
plastiq1.33.0A fast, feature rich and simple framework for building dynamic browser applications.
prettydiff2.2.8Language aware code comparison tool for several web based languages. It also beautifies, minifies, and a few other things.
Promin1.0.0A jQuery plugin to boost your HTML forms to level awesome.
simpleui0.1.1A simple UI framework for building simple web projects.
smokejs3.1.1Smoke form validation and components for Bootstrap
squire-rte1.11.3Squire is an HTML5 rich text editor, which provides powerful cross-browser normalisation, whilst being supremely lightweight and flexible.
string.js3.3.3string contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla JavaScript string such as escaping html, decoding html entities, stripping tags, etc.
submitter0.3.1A simple jQuery form submitting plugin.
svg-injector1.1.3Fast, caching, dynamic inline SVG DOM injection library
swig1.4.2A simple, powerful, and extendable templating engine for node.js and browsers, similar to Django, Jinja2, and Twig.
textile-js2.1.1A full-featured JavaScript Textile parser
tinysort3.2.8TinySort is a small script that sorts HTML elements. It sorts by text- or attribute value, or by that of one of it's children.
tocbot4.21.0Generate a table of contents based on the heading structure of a html document.
viewerjs1.11.3JavaScript image viewer.
web-animations2.3.2JavaScript implementation of the Web Animations API
wordcloud2.js1.2.2Tag cloud/Wordle presentation on 2D canvas or HTML
zurb-ink1.0.5Ink is a responsive email framework for making emails that look great on any device.
snarkdown2.0.0Transform Markdown into HTML.
webtorrent-component1.0.2WebTorrent HTML element.
datalist-polyfill1.25.1A minimal and dependency-free vanilla JavaScript datalist polyfill. Supports all standard's functionality as well as mimics other browsers behavior.
tablesaw3.1.2A set of plugins for responsive tables.
html2pdf.js0.10.1Client-side HTML-to-PDF rendering using pure JS
cheerio0.22.0Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server
htm3.1.1The Tagged Template syntax for Virtual DOM. Only browser-compatible syntax.
turndown7.1.2A library that converts HTML to Markdown
ckeditor538.0.1The development environment of CKEditor 5 – the best browser-based rich text editor.
carbon-components11.30.0The Carbon Design System is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences.
emmet2.4.4Emmet — the essential toolkit for web-developers
htmx1.9.2high power tools for html
startbootstrap-sb-admin5.1.1A one page app landing page HTML theme for Bootstrap.
sanitize-html1.27.5Clean up user-submitted HTML, preserving whitelisted elements and whitelisted attributes on a per-element basis
tsparticles2.10.0Easily create highly customizable particle animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available also for React, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Riot.js, Inferno.
tagify4.17.8lightweight, efficient Tags input component in Vanilla JS / React / Angular [super customizable, tiny size & top performance]
alpaca1.5.27Alpaca provides the easiest and fastest way to generate interactive forms for the web and mobile devices. It runs simply as HTML5 or more elaborately using Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile or jQuery UI. Alpaca uses Handlebars to process JSON schema and provide
imagemapster1.5.4jQuery plugin that activates areas in HTML imagemaps with support for highlighting, selecting, tooltips, resizing and more
react-markdown-editor-lite1.3.4A light-weight Markdown editor of React component
jquery-cropper1.0.1A jQuery plugin wrapper for Cropper.js.
hyphenopoly5.1.0Hyphenation for node and Polyfill for client-side hyphenation.
tent-css1.4.3A CSS survival kit.
css-selector-generator3.6.4JavaScript object that creates unique CSS selector for given element.
html5-qrcode2.3.8a cross platform HTML5 QR Code scanner
tonic13.3.6A composable component inspired by React.
loading-attribute-polyfill1.5.4Fast and lightweight dependency-free vanilla JavaScript polyfill for native lazy loading / the awesome loading='lazy'-attribute.
wicked-good-xpath1.3.0Pure JS implementation of the DOM Level 3 XPath specification
micromarkdown0.3.4converts markdown to html
qcobjects2.4.55QCObjects a Quickcorp Objects Library - Cross Browser Javascript Framework for MVC Patterns
tsparticles-slim2.10.0Easily create highly customizable particle animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available also for React, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Riot.js, Inferno.
tsparticles-editor2.10.0Easily create highly customizable particle animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available also for React, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Riot.js, Inferno.
tsparticles-engine2.10.0Easily create highly customizable particle animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available also for React, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Riot.js, Inferno.
tsparticles-interaction-external-attract2.10.0tsParticles external attraction interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-bubble2.10.0tsParticles external bubble interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-remove2.10.0tsParticles external remove interaction
tsparticles-interaction-light2.10.0tsParticles light interaction
tsparticles-interaction-particles-attract2.9.3tsParticles particles attraction interaction
tsparticles-move-base2.10.0tsParticles base mover
tsparticles-path-polygon2.10.0tsParticles polygon path
tsparticles-path-simplex-noise2.10.0tsParticles simplex noise path
tsparticles-plugin-emitters2.10.0tsParticles emitters plugin
tsparticles-plugin-infection2.10.0tsParticles infection plugin
tsparticles-preset-bubbles2.10.0tsParticles bubbles preset
tsparticles-preset-fireworks2.10.0tsParticles fireworks preset
tsparticles-preset-links2.10.0tsParticles links preset
tsparticles-shape-bubble2.10.0tsParticles bubble shape
tsparticles-shape-line2.10.0tsParticles line shape
tsparticles-shape-rounded-rect2.10.0tsParticles rounded rectangle shape
tsparticles-shape-spiral2.10.0tsParticles spiral shape
tsparticles-updater-gradient2.10.0tsParticles gradient updater
tsparticles-updater-out-modes2.10.0tsParticles out modes updater
tsparticles-updater-stroke-color2.10.0tsParticles stroke updater
tsparticles-interaction-external-bounce2.10.0tsParticles external bounce interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-connect2.10.0tsParticles external connection interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-grab2.10.0tsParticles external grab interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-pause2.10.0tsParticles external pause interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-push2.10.0tsParticles external push interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-repulse2.10.0tsParticles external repulse interaction
tsparticles-interaction-external-trail2.10.0tsParticles external trail interaction
tsparticles-interaction-particles-collisions2.10.0tsParticles particles collisions interaction
tsparticles-interaction-particles-links2.10.0tsParticles particles links interaction
tsparticles-interaction-particles-repulse2.10.0tsParticles particles repulse interaction
tsparticles-move-parallax2.10.0tsParticles parallax mover
tsparticles-particles.js2.10.0tsParticles particles.js integration
tsparticles-path-curves2.10.0tsParticles curves path
tsparticles-path-perlin-noise2.10.0tsParticles perlin noise path
tsparticles-plugin-absorbers2.10.0tsParticles absorbers plugin
tsparticles-plugin-polygon-mask2.10.0tsParticles polygon mask preset
tsparticles-preset-big-circles2.9.3tsParticles big circles preset
tsparticles-preset-confetti2.9.3tsParticles confetti preset
tsparticles-preset-fire2.10.0tsParticles fire preset
tsparticles-preset-firefly2.10.0tsParticles fireflies preset
tsparticles-preset-fountain2.9.3tsParticles fountain preset
tsparticles-preset-sea-anemone2.10.0tsParticles sea anemone preset
tsparticles-preset-snow2.9.3tsParticles snow preset
tsparticles-preset-stars2.9.3tsParticles stars preset
tsparticles-preset-triangles2.9.3tsParticles link triangles preset
tsparticles-shape-circle2.10.0tsParticles circle shape
tsparticles-shape-heart2.10.0tsParticles heart shape
tsparticles-shape-image2.10.0tsParticles image shape
tsparticles-shape-multiline-text2.10.0tsParticles multiline text shape
tsparticles-shape-polygon2.10.0tsParticles polygon shape
tsparticles-shape-square2.10.0tsParticles square shape
tsparticles-shape-star2.10.0tsParticles star shape
tsparticles-shape-text2.10.0tsParticles text shape
tsparticles-updater-angle2.9.3tsParticles rotation angle updater
tsparticles-updater-color2.10.0tsParticles color updater
tsparticles-updater-life2.10.0tsParticles life updater
tsparticles-updater-opacity2.10.0tsParticles opacity updater
tsparticles-updater-orbit2.10.0tsParticles orbit updater
tsparticles-updater-roll2.10.0tsParticles roll updater
tsparticles-updater-size2.10.0tsParticles size updater
tsparticles-updater-tilt2.10.0tsParticles tilt updater
tsparticles-updater-twinkle2.10.0tsParticles twinkle updater
tsparticles-updater-wobble2.10.0tsParticles wobble updater
html-to-image1.11.11Generates an image from a DOM node using HTML5 canvas and SVG.
html-midi-player1.5.0MIDI file player and visualizer web components
ansi-to-html0.7.2Convert ansi escaped text streams to html.
bulma-tooltip1.2.0Display a tooltip attached to any kind of element, in different position.
flowbite1.6.5The most popular library of interactive components built with Tailwind CSS
dom-to-image-more3.1.6Generates an image from a DOM node using HTML5 canvas and SVG
tsparticles-confetti2.10.0Easily create highly customizable particle animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available also for React, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Riot.js, Inferno.
tsparticles-fireworks2.10.0Easily create highly customizable particle animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available also for React, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Riot.js, Inferno.