admin-lte3.2.0Admin dashboard and control panel template
aight2.1.1un-suck JavaScript APIs in IE8 & 9
algoliasearch-helper-js2.28.1Helper for implementing advanced search features with algolia
amazeui2.7.2Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
animsition4.0.2A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.
arrive2.4.1arrive.js provides events to watch for DOM elements creation and removal. It makes use of Mutation Observers internally.
audiojs1.0.1A cross-browser javascript wrapper for the html5 audio tag
avgrund0.1.0A JS/CSS3 modal UI concept
basicModal3.3.9Easy-to-use modal window for your website or webapp
boexfi1.0.0Some sample files used in the implementation of BoxOpi website.
booking-js2.9.13Make a beautiful embeddable booking widget in minutes
bootstrap-material-datetimepicker2.7.1Datepicker for bootstrap-material
bootstrap-multiselect1.1.2JQuery multiselect plugin based on Twitter Bootstrap.
bootstrap-switch3.3.5Turn checkboxes and radio buttons into toggle switches.
bootstrap-tour0.12.0Quick and easy way to build your product tours with Bootstrap Popovers.
botui0.3.9A JS library to build the UI for your bot
Captionator0.6Simple closed-captioning polyfill for HTML5. Just 8KB when gzipped!
choices.js10.2.0A vanilla JS customisable text input/select box plugin
circles0.0.6Lightweight JavaScript library that generates circular graphs in SVG. Now with animation.
Clamp.js0.5.1Clamps an HTML element by adding ellipsis to it if the content inside is too long.
cookiesjs3.0.3Intuitive cookie manipulation library
detectizr2.2.0Detectizr is a Modernizr extension to detect device, browser, operating system and screen.
drawer3.2.2Flexible drawer menu using jQuery, iScroll and CSS.
fabric.js5.3.1Object model for HTML5 canvas, and SVG-to-canvas parser. Backed by jsdom and node-canvas.
fast-xml-parser4.3.6Parse XML to JS/JSON very fast without C/C++ based libraries
FastActive1.0.1FastActive is a javascript snippet that makes websites and web apps feel as responsive as native apps on touch devices.
frappe-charts1.6.2Simple, responsive, modern SVG Charts with zero dependencies
fuelux3.17.2Base Fuel UX styles and controls
gentelella1.4.0Gentellela Admin is a free to use Bootstrap admin template
intercom.js0.1.4A client-side cross-window message broadcast library built on top of the HTML5 localStorage API.
izimodal1.6.1Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.
izitoast1.4.0Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight notification plugin with no dependencies.
js-data-angular3.2.4Angular wrapper for js-data.
js-marker-clusterer1.0.0The library creates and manages per-zoom-level clusters for large amounts of markers. Google API v3.
jssor-slider28.0.0Responsive jQuery Image Slider/Slideshow/Carousel/Gallery/Banner
lazyloadjs3.2.2Image lazy loading
materialize1.0.0Builds Materialize distribution packages
modernizr2.8.3Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser.
motajs0.18.0JavaScript library that aims to allow the developer to easily build web applications.
nanobar0.4.2Very lightweight js progress bars (for browsers)
ng.ckeditor2.1.0Angular Module for rendering the CKEditor
ngMask3.1.1Best ngMask
oj0.2.1A unified templating language for the people. Thirsty people.
peerjs1.5.2PeerJS client
PhononJs1.5.1Phonon is a lightweight & scalable Javascript/CSS3/HTML5 mobile framework to develop a single page application based on Phonegap / Apache Cordova.
progressbar.js1.1.1Responsive and slick progress bars with animated SVG paths
qoopido.nucleus3.2.15Lightweight, atomic and modular JavaScript utility library that strongly encourages the creation and usage of small yet flexible, reusable and easily maintainable modules.
shave5.0.4Shave is a javascript plugin that truncates multi-line text within a html element based on set max height
simple-gallery-js1.0.3Easy gallery upload. Native. Just 2kb gzipped.
smokejs3.1.1Smoke form validation and components for Bootstrap
stacktable.js1.0.3jQuery plugin for stacking tables on small screens
svg.connectable.js2.0.1A JavaScript library for connecting SVG things.
template_js0.8.0template.js simple and easy to use javascript template.
timezone-js2.0.4JavaScript timezone library based on Olson timezone data
tippy.js6.3.7Vanilla JS Tooltip Library
todc-bootstrap3.0.2Google-styled theme for Bootstrap.
umbrella0.0.0Lightweight and intuitive javascript library
vanilla-tilt1.8.1A smooth 3D tilt javascript library forked from Tilt.js
videojs-vast-vpaid2.0.2VAST plugin to use with video.js
vquery5.0.1A simple, light-weight, vanilla JS wrapper for jQuery-like syntax.
wallop2.4.1wallop is a minimal 4kb library for showing & hiding things
wnumb1.2.0wNumb - JavaScript Number & Money formatting
zoomove1.3.0Enlarges the image with the mouse hover and move
zui1.10.0An open source front-end implementation that help you quickly construct modern multi-screen applications
reframe.js4.0.2Reframe.js: responsive iframes for embedded content
input-autogrow1.1.1Autogrow plugin for inputs
quasar-framework0.17.20Simultaneously build desktop/mobile SPA websites & phone/tablet apps with VueJS
webkul-micron1.1.6a microInteraction library built with CSS Animations and driven by JavaScript Power
carbon-components11.55.0The Carbon Design System is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences.
magic-grid3.2.4Super lightweight javascript library for dynamic grid layouts.
qiniu-js3.4.2Javascript SDK for Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage AP
css-vars-ponyfill2.4.9Client-side support for CSS custom properties (aka "CSS variables") in legacy and modern browsers
alpaca1.5.27Alpaca provides the easiest and fastest way to generate interactive forms for the web and mobile devices. It runs simply as HTML5 or more elaborately using Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile or jQuery UI. Alpaca uses Handlebars to process JSON schema and provide
gmaps-marker-clusterer1.2.2The library creates and manages per-zoom-level clusters for large amounts of markers. Google API v3.
cuttr1.4.3Cuttr is a javascript / jQuery plugin that truncates multi-line text content with multiple truncation methods and custom ellipsis.
simple-keyboard3.7.77On-screen Javascript Virtual Keyboard
qr-scanner1.4.2A javascript QR scanner library
webcomponents-template-polyfill1.5.1HTML template element polyfill.
treejs1.8.3a lightweight tree widget, compatible with originaljs/react/vue, 9.6kb size for tree.min.js&tree.min.css without gzip.
carrierjs2.5.2Carrier JS is promise based http client for browsers. It is used to interact with servers with ultimate caching feature.
ofilterjs1.0.7OfilterJs is a data object filter processor for Javascript, which provides simpler, more convenient and more efficient data operations for development.
feedbackplus1.6.0Screenshotting and screenshot editing for your feedback forms with JavaScript.
anabolicset1.4.1Javascript Set on steroids.
jscanify1.2.0Open-source Javascript mobile document scanner.
dev-timer0.4.0Super interval timer that can handle multiple timers simulteanously.