asciidoctor.js1.5.9A JavaScript AsciiDoc processor, cross-compiled from the Ruby-based AsciiDoc implementation, Asciidoctor, using Opal
asmCrypto2.3.2Asm.js implementation of WebCrypto API
avalon.js2.2.7A lightweight,high-performance and easy-to-learn javascript MVVM framework
bitcoinjs-lib0.2.0-1Client-side Bitcoin JavaScript library
britecharts3.0.0D3.js based Modular Charting Library by Eventbrite
bsjs0.3.0bsJS is a fast and concise declarative type JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.
buzz1.2.1Buzz, a Javascript HTML5 Audio library
cc-icons1.2.1CSS framework for Creative Commons logo
cssgram0.1.12Instagram filter library in Sass and CSS.
cta.js0.3.2A light-weight performant library to animate your 'action-to-effect' paths
dont-go1.1.1Client-side library to change the title and/or favicon of the page when it is inactive
frzr0.22.7Turboboosted 2 KB view library
graphicsjs1.4.3A lightweight Javascript graphics library with the intuitive API, based on SVG/VML technology
hprose-html52.0.36Hprose is a High Performance Remote Object Service Engine. It is a modern, lightweight, cross-language, cross-platform, object-oriented, high performance, remote dynamic communication middleware. It is not only easy to use, but powerful. You just need a little time to learn, then you can use it to easily construct cross language cross platform distributed application system.
iconate0.3.1A light-weight library to animate your font-awesome like icons
imagine.js0.1.0Lightweight HTML5 Canvas library
jbone1.2.1Library for DOM manipulation
jquery-bracket0.11.1Library for organizing single and double elimination tournaments
jquery-compat3.0.0-alpha1JavaScript library for DOM operations
jquery.meiomask1.1.14A jquery plugin for masking text inputs.
jquery.swipebox1.4.4A touchable jQuery lightbox.
jquery3.7.1JavaScript library for DOM operations
jslite1.1.12JSLite is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers with a largely jQuery-compatible API. If you use jQuery, you already know how to use JSLite.
lamb0.61.1A lightweight, and docile, JavaScript library to help embracing functional programming.
libil0.1.2Libil is a JavaScript library to process string for Bahasa Walikan. It supports Yogyakarta and Malang Style
motajs0.18.0JavaScript library that aims to allow the developer to easily build web applications.
oojs7.0.1Power for object oriented JavaScript libraries.
openlocationcode1.0.4Library to convert between lat/lng and OLC codes
parallax3.1.0Parallax Engine that reacts to the orientation of a smart device.
particle-api-js10.5.1Particle API Client
promiz1.0.6A proper compact promise (promises/A+ spec compliant) library.
qoopido.js3.7.4Modular library of dry, extendable and AMD compatible JavaScript modules
qoopido.nucleus3.2.15Lightweight, atomic and modular JavaScript utility library that strongly encourages the creation and usage of small yet flexible, reusable and easily maintainable modules.
raty3.1.1jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin
redom4.1.5RE:DOM – Tiny UI library
ryejs0.1.3A lightweight browser library
shell.js1.0.5A JavaScript and CSS library to create terminals
superplaceholder1.0.0Super charge your input placeholders
swagger-ui5.17.14Swagger UI is a dependency-free collection of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API
taggle1.15.0Taggle is a dependency-less tagging library
topcoat0.8.0CSS for clean and fast web apps
tuesday1.2.3A quirky CSS Animation Library by Shakr.
upb2.0.0A NodeJS, browser, Bower, AMD, and CommonJS library that generates and decodes UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) commands.
valid.js1.2.5A simple library for data validation
vuikit0.8.10UIkit with all the power of Vue
waud.js1.0.3Web Audio Library
yui3.18.1YUI 3 Source
TheoremJS1.2.0A Math library for computation in JavaScript
carbon-components11.60.1The Carbon Design System is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences.
pdf-lib1.17.1Create and modify PDF files with JavaScript
sip.js0.20.0A SIP library for JavaScript
kiwi.js1.2.1Kiwi.js is a Javascript/Typescript library for creating HTML5 games.
wicked-good-xpath1.3.0Pure JS implementation of the DOM Level 3 XPath specification
knockstrap1.4.1Knockout bindings to Twitter Bootstrap 3
Bijou.js8.2.4Useful JS snippets, in one simple library
jstreemap1.28.2Library of associative containers; it implements TreeMap, TreeSet, TreeMultiMap and TreeMultiSet classes
creativecommons-vocabulary2020.11.3A cohesive design system to unite the web facing Creative Commons
iconoir7.7.0A Simple and Definitive Open-Source Icons Library
google-closure-library20230802.0.0Google's common JavaScript library
akar-icons-fonts1.1.22A perfectly rounded icon library made for everyone.
ccxt4.3.51A JavaScript / TypeScript / Python / C# / PHP cryptocurrency trading library with support for 130+ exchanges
jos-animation0.9.2An animation library package to instantly add beautiful/professional looking animation to your website
kontra9.0.0Kontra HTML5 game development library
chatgpt.js2.9.3Client-side JavaScript library for ChatGPT.