angular-resizable1.2.0A directive for creating resizable containers in angular.
awesomplete1.1.5Ultra lightweight, usable, beautiful autocomplete with zero dependencies.
core.css3.0.0A lightweight foundation for building responsive websites.
es-class2.0.0A future proof, backward compatible, JavaScript class utility.
FastActive1.0.1FastActive is a javascript snippet that makes websites and web apps feel as responsive as native apps on touch devices.
fastselect0.7.3A lightweight browser plugin for enhanced select elements based on jQuery. Enables fast and sensible UI upgrade of select element with features like option searching and remote dataset loading.
featherlight1.7.13Featherlight is a very lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin. It's simple yet flexible and easy to use. Featherlight has minimal css and uses no inline styles, everything is name-spaced, it's completely customizable via configuration object and offers image, ajax and iframe support out of the box. Featherlights small footprint weights less than 4kB – in total.
filterizr2.2.4Filterizr is a jQuery plugin that sorts, shuffles, searches and applies stunning filters over responsive galleries using CSS3 transitions and custom CSS effects
flatpickr4.6.13A lightweight, powerful datetimepicker
Glide.js3.6.0A lightweight, flexible, fast and dependency-free JavaScript ES6 slider and carousel
graphicsjs1.4.3A lightweight Javascript graphics library with the intuitive API, based on SVG/VML technology
iCheck1.0.3Highly customizable checkboxes and radio buttons (jQuery and Zepto). Features: identical inputs across different browsers and devices (both desktop and mobile), touch devices support (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle), keyboard accessible inputs (Tab, Spacebar, Arrow up/down and other shortcuts), screenreader accessible inputs — (ARIA attributes for VoiceOver and others), customization freedom (use any HTML and CSS to style inputs or try 6 Retina-ready skins), lightweight size (1 kb gzipped). Provides 32 options to customize checkboxes and radio buttons, 11 callbacks to handle changes, 9 methods to make changes programmatically. Saves changes to original inputs, works carefully with any selectors.
jquery.cookieBar0.1.0A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a notification bar that is dismissable and dismiss is saved by cookie. Perfect for implementing the new eu cookielaw!
Kraken13.0.0A lightweight front-end boilerplate
lity2.4.1Lightweight responsive lightbox.
lory.js2.5.3Touch enabled minimalistic slider written in vanilla JavaScript.
moveTo1.8.2A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency.
PhononJs1.5.1Phonon is a lightweight & scalable Javascript/CSS3/HTML5 mobile framework to develop a single page application based on Phonegap / Apache Cordova.
PikaChoose4.5.0PikaChoose is jQuery gallery plugin to make slideshows simply and easily.
polljs0.3.0PollJS is a lightweight wrapper for the JavaScript Interval and Timer methods.
qoopido.nucleus3.2.15Lightweight, atomic and modular JavaScript utility library that strongly encourages the creation and usage of small yet flexible, reusable and easily maintainable modules.
query-result1.0.4Rethinking the $
rellax1.12.1Lightweight, vanilla javascript parallax library
ReStable0.1.2jQuery plugin that make tables responsive
ryejs0.1.3A lightweight browser library
shoestring2.0.1A simple framework for organizing, creating, and using DOM-based utilities.
simple-slider1.0.1The 1kb JavaScript Carousel
space0.8.4A lightweight language for objects
spf2.4.0A lightweight JS framework for fast navigation and page updates from YouTube
split.js1.6.52kb unopinionated utility for resizeable split views
stapes1.0.0The Javascript MVC microframework that does just enough.
svg.js3.2.0A lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG.
t70.3.2t7 is a small, lightweight JavaScript template library that compiles ES2015 template strings into virtual DOM objects.
tez.js10.0.1Lightweight, Flexible, Fast, Memory and Power Effecient Animation, Function and DOM Manager
tipograf2.0.0Lightweight CSS typography base for your next project
tippy.js6.3.7Vanilla JS Tooltip Library
tipso1.0.8A Lightweight Responsive jQuery Tooltip Plugin
Tocca.js2.0.9Super lightweight script (1kb) to detect via Javascript events like 'tap' 'dbltap' 'swipeup' 'swipedown' 'swipeleft' 'swiperight' on any kind of device.
vanilla-masker1.2.0VanillaMasker is a pure javascript input mask.
velocity2.0.6Accelerated JavaScript animation.
wenk1.0.8Lightweight tooltip for the greater good
wingcss0.1.9A lightweight, responsive CSS Framework
vConsole3.15.1A lightweight, extendable front-end developer tool for mobile web page.
chillout5.0.0Reduce CPU usage by non-blocking async loop and psychologically speed up in JavaScript.
tarekraafat-autocomplete.js10.2.7Simple autocomplete pure vanilla Javascript library.
hyperHtml2.34.2A Fast & Light Virtual DOM Alternative
lawnchair0.6.4simple json storage
base5.2.0A Rock Solid, Responsive CSS Framework built to work on all devices big, small and in-between.
embla-carousel3.0.13Extensible bare bones carousels for the web
litepicker2.0.12Date range picker - lightweight, no dependencies
Sparticles1.3.1Lightweight, High Performance Particles in Canvas
picocss2.0.6Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML
qr-scanner1.4.2A javascript QR scanner library
splidejs4.1.4Splide is a lightweight, flexible and accessible slider/carousel. No dependencies, no Lighthouse errors.
dragselect3.0.5Easy JavaScript library for selecting and moving elements. With no dependencies. Drag-Select & Drag-And-Drop.
jos-animation0.9.2An animation library package to instantly add beautiful/professional looking animation to your website