buckets1.98.2Buckets is a complete, fully tested and documented data structure library written in pure JavaScript.
CoolQueue.io1.0.0Offline failsafe for socket.io
d3-queue3.0.7Evaluate asynchronous tasks with configurable concurrency.
jquery-ajaxQueue0.1.1A simple queue for ajax requests
notifxi0.2.2A queued notification class for javascript that utilizes Bootstrap and jQuery.
queue-async1.2.0A little helper for asynchronous JavaScript.
stomp.js2.3.3STOMP for JavaScript apps (Web browser & node.js)
data-layer-helper0.1.0This library provides the ability to process messages passed onto a dataLayer queue.
es6-promise-pool2.5.0Runs Promises in a pool that limits their concurrency.
asap2.0.6High-priority task queue for Node.js and browsers