fluxify0.2.3The simplest flux implementation
gyrejs0.6.5Experimental data fetching and state library geared towards ReactJS
mobx-react7.2.1React bindings for MobX. Create fully reactive components.
mobx6.3.12Simple, scalable state management.
react-contextmenu2.14.0Context Menu implemented in React
react-cookie4.0.3Load and save cookies within your React application
react-intl1.2.2Internationalize React apps declaratively. This library provides React components and an API to format dates, numbers, and string messages, including pluralization.
react-native-elements1.1.0React Native Elements & UI Toolkit
react-redux-form1.16.14Create Forms Easily with React and Redux
react-redux7.2.6Official React bindings for Redux
react-router6.2.1A complete routing library for React.js
react-sortable-hoc1.11.0Set of higher-order components to turn any list into a sortable, touch-friendly, animated list
react-virtualized9.22.3React components for efficiently rendering large, scrollable lists and tabular data
reactive-elements0.9.0Allows to use React.js component as custom element
redux-form8.3.8A higher order component decorator for forms using Redux and React
redux4.1.2Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
recharts2.1.8React charts
react-dnd14.0.5Drag and Drop for React
emotion-core11.0.0Simple styling in React.
react-image-crop8.6.12A responsive image cropping tool for React
tagify4.5.0lightweight, efficient Tags input component in Vanilla JS / React / Angular [super customizable, tiny size & top performance]
react-timeago6.2.1A simple Time-Ago component for ReactJs
jqwidgets12.1.2jQWidgets is an advanced jQuery, Angular, React, ASP .NET MVC, Custom Elements and HTML5 UI framework.
mobx-react-lite3.2.3Lightweight React bindings for MobX based on React 16.8+ and Hooks