algoliasearch4.10.3AlgoliaSearch API JavaScript client
angular-websocket2.0.1An Angular WebSocket service for connecting client applications to servers.
angularFire2.3.0The officially supported AngularJS binding for Firebase
deepstream.io-client-js2.3.4the javascript client for deepstream.io
leaflet-realtime2.2.0Show realtime updated GeoJSON in Leaflet
pubnub3.7.7PubNub, a new kind of Cloud-Hosted Broadcasting Service for Mass Communication.
pusher7.0.3Pusher JavaScript library for the browser
smoothie1.34.0Smoothie Charts: smooooooth JavaScript charts for realtime streaming data
socketcluster-client16.0.1SocketCluster JavaScript client
vuefire2.2.5Firebase bindings for Vue.js
rxdb11.3.0A realtime Database for the Web
feathers4.5.12A framework for real-time applications and REST API with JavaScript and TypeScript
gun0.2020.1235A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph data synchronization engine.
firebase8.8.0Firebase JavaScript library for web and Node.js
instascan1.0.0Webcam-driven QR code scanner.
prunecluster2.1.0Fast and realtime marker clustering for Leaflet
deepstream-client5.2.4the javascript client for deepstream.io
ably1.2.11Realtime client library for Ably, the realtime messaging service