angular-route-segment1.5.1A lightweight extension for AngularJS $route service which supports tree-like nested views and routes hierarchy, and advanced loading flow handling.
crossroads0.12.2Flexible router which can be used in multiple environments
davis.js0.9.5Davis.js is a small JavaScript library using HTML5 history.pushState that allows simple Sinatra style routing for your JavaScript apps.
gibon0.4.1Functional client-side router in ~570 bytes, built on HTML5 History API
leaflet-routing-machine3.2.12Routing for Leaflet
pagex3.0.0A super simple front-end page manager
path.js0.8.4PathJS is a lightweight, client-side routing library that allows you to create 'single page' applications using Hashbangs and/or HTML5 pushState.
react-router-dom6.10.0DOM bindings for React Router
react-router6.10.0A complete routing library for React.js
rlite-router2.0.3A tiny, fast client-side router
spinejs1.2.0MVC Library.
routie0.3.2a tiny javascript hash router
route-recognizer0.3.4A lightweight JavaScript library that matches paths against registered routes.
mapbox-gl-directions4.1.1A mapboxgl plugin for the Mapbox Directions API