adobe-sign-sdk1.1.0SDK for Adobe Sign REST API
dropbox.js10.34.0Client library for the Dropbox API
hiw-api5.2.0The HIW JavaScript API is designed to allow developers to access data stored within the HIW more easily, using JavaScript. By using the HIW JavaScript API, developers won't have to write much of the boilerplate code required to make calls to the HIW's RESTful Service, and it also provides helpful information, such as code-completion, as developers work with the HIW JavaScript API.
playlyfe-js-sdk1.0.1Playlyfe Javascript SDK for browser-based apps
sails.io.js1.2.1Javascript SDK for communicating w/ a Sails server via WebSockets/socket.io.
qiniu-js3.4.1Javascript SDK for Qiniu Resource (Cloud) Storage AP
facebook-nodejs-business-sdk18.0.1SDK for the Facebook Ads API in Javascript and Node.js
wikibase-sdk9.0.5utils functions to query a Wikibase instance and simplify its results
venly-connect2.2.3Venly Connect SDK