aos2.3.4Animate on scroll library
iamdustan-smoothscroll0.4.3Polyfill for smooth scroll behavior
jquery-scrollto1.4.6Smooth Scrolling to any jQuery/DOM Element
moveTo1.8.2A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency.
react-sortable-hoc1.11.0Set of higher-order components to turn any list into a sortable, touch-friendly, animated list
smooth-scroll16.1.3Animate scrolling to anchor links
smoothscroll1.4.10Smooth scrolling experience for websites. This is the standalone version of SmoothScroll for individual websites and themes. Mouse wheel, keyboard and touchpad scrolling all supported.
vanilla-tilt1.8.0A smooth 3D tilt javascript library forked from Tilt.js
velocity2.0.6Accelerated JavaScript animation.
rx-player3.30.0Canal+ HTML5 Video Player
fullview1.1.2Create fullscreen scrolling websites