ajaxify8.2.9Ajaxify your site out of the box, instantly
benchmark2.1.4A benchmarking library that supports high-resolution timers & returns statistically significant results.
jquery.lazy1.7.11Lazy is a fast, feature-rich and lightweight delayed content loading plugin for jQuery. It's designed to speed up page loading times and decrease traffic to your users by only loading the content in view.
jquery.lazyloadxt1.1.0Lazy Load XT is mobile-oriented, fast and extensible jQuery plugin for lazy loading of images, videos and other media with built-in support of jQueryMobile framework. It improves performance of website by loading visible media elements only, and elements below the fold are loaded after page scroll. The plugin has many options, supports callbacks and special lazy events, that allows to have different loading effects (e.g. fade in and spinner effects). Examples of plugin and its addons include ajax, background images, infinite scroll, horizontal scroll, iframe-based widgets (YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps Engine Lite, Facebook recommend button, Google+ profile), html5 video, responsive images with retina support (srcset and picture polyfills), social widgets (embedded tweet, Twitter share button, Google Plus badge and share button, Facebook like and recommend buttons, Facebook post comments), load all images before print, etc. Tested in IE 6-11, Chrome 1-31, Firefox 1.5-27.0, Safari 3-7, Opera 10.6-18.0, iOS 5-7, Android 2.3-4.4, and WP8. Requires jQuery 1.7+, Zepto 1.0+, or DOMtastic 0.7.2+.
lazy.js0.5.1Like Underscore, but lazier
network-js2.1.0Make accurate network measures in JavaScript
open-weather2.0.0A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display the current weather of any city using the free OpenWeatherMap API.
page-accelerator0.1.1A very light solution to load web pages faster.
quicklink2.3.0Faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time
tarekraafat-autocomplete.js10.2.7Simple autocomplete pure vanilla Javascript library.
flying-pages2.1.2Load inner pages instantly, intelligently!