forerunnerdb2.0.24A NoSQL document store database for browsers and Node.js.
freezer-js0.14.1A tree data structure that is always updated from the root, making easier to think in a reactive way.
js-data-firebase3.2.1Firebase adapter for js-data.
js-data-localforage2.1.1localforage adapter for js-data.
js-data-localstorage2.3.2localStorage adapter for js-data.
js-data3.0.11Robust, framework-agnostic in-memory data store.
mindb0.2.2Database on JavaScript
store22.14.3Better localStorage
idb-keyval6.2.1A super-simple-small keyval store built on top of IndexedDB
icepick2.4.0Utilities for treating frozen JavaScript objects as persistent immutable collections.
pinia2.1.7Intuitive, type safe and flexible Store for Vue
exome2.4.3Proxy based store manager for deeply nested states