cssesc3.0.0A JavaScript library for escaping CSS strings and identifiers while generating the shortest possible ASCII-only output.
fuzzyset.js1.0.5A fuzzy string set for JavaScript
he1.2.0A robust HTML entities encoder/decoder with full Unicode support.
is_js0.9.0micro check library
levenshtein1.0.5Javascript implementation of the L-diggity.
lz-string1.5.0LZ-based compression algorithm
sprintf1.1.3JavaScript sprintf implementation
string-fn2.10.2String manipulation library
string-format1.0.0Adds a format method to String.prototype. Inspired by Python's str.format().
string-mask0.3.0A string formatter and validator based on masks
string-saw0.0.46provides an easy way to string together match/replacement operations in an error-free manner
string.js3.3.3string contains methods that aren't included in the vanilla JavaScript string such as escaping html, decoding html entities, stripping tags, etc.
strman2.0.0A Javascript string manipulation library without npm dependences.
underscore.string3.3.5String manipulation extensions for Underscore.js javascript library.
voca1.4.0The ultimate JavaScript string library
rssi0.0.7Ruby-like simple string interpolation
color-hash2.0.2Generate color based on the given string (using HSL color space and BKDRHash).
cuttr1.4.3Cuttr is a javascript / jQuery plugin that truncates multi-line text content with multiple truncation methods and custom ellipsis.
query-string9.0.0Parse and stringify URL query strings
alt-lodash1.0.5This library can be used as alternate of lodash