bootstrap-filestyle2.1.0Bootstrap FileStyle is a quick and simple plugin to help style your form's file upload inputs.
github-markdown-css5.5.1The minimal amount of CSS to replicate the GitHub Markdown style
jcf1.2.3This script allows smooth cross-browser customization of form elements with CSS
jss10.10.0Composable and reusable style sheets.
labelauty1.1.4A lightweight and beautiful jQuery plugin for radio and checkbox inputs.
material-design-lite1.3.0Material Design Components in CSS, JS and HTML
milligram1.4.1A minimalist CSS framework.
radium0.26.2A set of tools to manage inline styles on React elements
Ripple.js1.2.1Adds Material style ripple to buttons, links
modern-normalize2.0.0Normalize browsers' default style
react-helmet6.1.0A document head manager for React
primer-markdown4.1.0-alpha.df004242GitHub stylesheets for rendering markdown.
xlsx-populate1.21.0Excel XLSX parser/generator written in JavaScript with Node.js and browser support, jQuery/d3-style method chaining, and a focus on keeping existing workbook features and styles in tact.