angular-truncate0.1.2Angular Truncate - Ellipsis for your templates
jquery-expander1.7.0Expand and collapse HTML content
shave5.0.4Shave is a javascript plugin that truncates multi-line text within a html element based on set max height
trunk81.3.3trunk8 is an intelligent text truncation plugin to jQuery. When applied to a large block of text, trunk8 will cut off just enough text to prevent it from spilling over. Unlike conventional truncation that just limits the character length of text, trunk8 measures the content area for spill-over and intelligently chooses the text that best fits in the given space.
voca1.4.0The ultimate JavaScript string library
cuttr1.4.3Cuttr is a javascript / jQuery plugin that truncates multi-line text content with multiple truncation methods and custom ellipsis.