TAG:user interfaces

inferno-compat7.4.11Provides a compatibility with React codebases
inferno-component7.4.11Provides ES2015 stateful components (with lifecycle events) to Inferno
inferno-create-class7.4.11Provides a helper to create Inferno Components without needing ES2015
inferno-create-element7.4.11Provides methods to create Inferno VNodes
inferno-devtools7.4.11Provides support for React's Dev Tools for Inferno
inferno-redux7.4.11Official Inferno bindings for Redux
inferno-router7.4.11Provides routing functionality for Inferno
inferno-server7.4.11Provides methods to render HTML strings from Inferno elements
inferno-vnode-flags7.4.11Provides an enum of all possible VNode Flags used when calling Inferno.createVNode
inferno7.4.11An extremely fast, isomorphic JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces
vidom0.11.5Library to build UI in a declarative way