datatables-colvis1.1.2ColVis adds a button to the toolbars around DataTables which gives the end user of the table the ability to dynamically change the visibility of the columns in the table
emergence.js1.1.2Detect element visibility in the browser
hideshowpassword2.2.0Easily reveal or hide password field contents via JavaScript or a nifty inner toggle button. Supports touch quite nicely!
ifvisible2.0.10Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it. (wrapper around HTML5 visibility api)
jquery-visibility1.0.11Page visibility shim for jQuery.
jquery-visible1.2.0Quickly check if an element is within the browsers visible viewport, regardless of scroll position. If a user can see this element, the function will return true.
TimeMe.js2.0.0A utility to time how long a user interacts with a page, disregarding time spent on other tabs, minimized, or idle time.
visibility.js1.2.4Wrapper for the Page Visibility API
visibly.js0.1.1A cross-browser Page Visibility API shim
vissense0.10.0A utility library for observing visibility changes of DOM elements.