angular-leaflet-directive0.10.0angular-leaflet-directive - An AngularJS directive to easily interact with Leaflet maps
esri-leaflet-related3.0.0A Leaflet plugin that allows users to query related tables.
heatmap.js2.0.2Dynamic JavaScript Heatmaps for the Web
leaflet-ajax2.1.0AJAX and JSONP in Leaflet
leaflet-contextmenu1.4.0A context menu for Leaflet
leaflet-dvf0.3.1The Leaflet Data Visualization Framework (DVF) is an extension to the Leaflet JavaScript mapping library. The primary goal of the framework is to simplify data visualization and thematic mapping using Leaflet - making it easier to turn raw data into compelling maps.
leaflet-editable1.2.0Make geometries editable in Leaflet
leaflet-geocoder-mapzen1.9.4Leaflet plugin to search (geocode) using Mapzen Search or your own hosted version of the Pelias Geocoder API.
leaflet-gpx1.7.0GPX layer, targeted at sporting activities by providing access to information such as distance, moving time, pace, elevation, heart rate, etc.
leaflet-groupedlayercontrol0.6.1A Leaflet layer control with support for grouping overlays together
leaflet-hash0.2.1linkable location hashes for leaflet
leaflet-locatecontrol0.81.0A useful control to geolocate the user with many options. Official Leaflet and MapBox plugin.
leaflet-minimap3.6.1A plugin for Leaflet that provides a minimap in the corner of the map view.
leaflet-omnivore0.3.4a geospatial format parser for Leaflet
leaflet-plugins3.4.0Miscellaneous plugins for Leaflet library for services that need to display route information and need satellite imagery from different providers
leaflet-providers1.13.0An extension to Leaflet that contains configurations for various free tile providers.
leaflet-realtime2.2.0Show realtime updated GeoJSON in Leaflet
leaflet-routing-machine3.2.12Routing for Leaflet
leaflet-vector-layers1.6.0Allows to easily create vector layers from a number of geo web services, such as ArcGIS Server, Arc2Earth, GeoIQ, CartoDB and GIS Cloud.
leaflet.AnimatedMarker1.0.0This is a Leaflet plugin for animating a marker along a polyline.
Leaflet.awesome-markers2.0.2Colorful iconic & retina-proof markers for Leaflet, based on the Glyphicons / Font-Awesome icons
leaflet.draw1.0.4Vector drawing plugin for Leaflet
Leaflet.EasyButton2.4.0easily add control buttons to your leaflet maps with icon support
leaflet.freedraw2.0.1Zoopla inspired freehand polygon creation using Leaflet.js.
leaflet.fullscreen3.0.1Simple plugin for Leaflet that adds fullscreen button to your maps.
leaflet.heat0.2.0A tiny and fast Leaflet heatmap plugin.
leaflet.pm2.2.0A Leaflet Plugin For Editing Geometry Layers in Leaflet 1.0
leaflet.toolbar.js0.3.0Flexible, extensible toolbars for Leaflet maps.
perliedman-leaflet-control-geocoder2.4.0Extendable geocoder with builtin support for Nominatim, Bing, Google, Mapbox, Photon, What3Words, MapQuest, Mapzen, HERE
proj4leaflet1.0.2Smooth Proj4js integration with Leaflet
react-leaflet2.8.0React components for Leaflet maps
togeojson0.16.0convert KML and GPX to GeoJSON
ui-leaflet1.0.3ui-leaflet - An AngularJS directive to easily interact with Leaflet maps
wicket1.3.8A modest library for moving between Well-Known Text (WKT) and various framework geometries
Vue2Leaflet2.7.1Vue2 leaflet library
mapbox.js3.3.1Mapbox plugin for Leaflet
leaflet-geosearch3.11.1Adds support for address lookup (a.k.a. geocoding / geoseaching) to Leaflet.
leaflet-search4.0.0Leaflet Control for searching markers/features by attribute on map or remote searching in jsonp/ajax
prunecluster2.1.0Fast and realtime marker clustering for Leaflet
mapbox-gl-leaflet0.0.16binding from mapbox gl to the leaflet api