1000hz-bootstrap-validator0.11.9A user-friendly HTML5 Form validator for Bootstrap 3
air-datepicker2.2.3Lightweight customizable cross-browser jQuery datepicker, built with es5 and css-flexbox. Works in all modern desktop and mobile browsers (tested no Android 4.4+ and iOS8+) ![air datepicker image](https://github.com/t1m0n/air-datepicker/raw/master/docs/img/promo-img.png)
angulartics-google-analytics0.5.0Google Analytics plugin for Angulartics
backbone.babysitter1.0.0Manage child views in a Backbone.View
backbone.epoxy1.3.1Elegant data binding for Backbone.js
backbone.obscura0.1.6A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.
bigfoot2.1.4A jQuery plugin for creating exceptional HTML footnotes.
bodymovin5.12.2After Effects plugin for exporting animations to SVG + JavaScript or canvas + JavaScript
bootstrap-3-typeahead4.0.2Bootstrap 3 Typeahead: The typeahead autocomplete plugin for Twitter's Bootstrap 2 ready to use with Bootstrap 3.
bootstrap-autohidingnavbar4.0.0An extension for Bootstrap's fixed navbar which hides the navbar while the page is scrolling downwards and shows it the other way. The plugin is able to show/hide the navbar programmatically as well.
bootstrap-formhelpers2.3.0A collection of jQuery plugins for Bootstrap.
bootstrap-rating1.5.0A small jQuery plugin that turns an input field into a highly customizable rating component
bootstrap-sidebar0.2.2a sidebar plugin for bootstrap 3
bxslider4.2.15Touch enabled jQuery plugin for creating responsive carousels and sliders.
chartist-plugin-legend0.6.2Legend plugin for Chartist.js.
chartjs-plugin-zoom2.0.1Simple HTML5 charts using the canvas element.
chocolat1.1.2 Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin
choices.js10.2.0A vanilla JS customisable text input/select box plugin
chrome-frame1.0.3Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer.
clndr1.5.1A jQuery calendar plugin that uses HTML templates.
CodeFlask.js1.4.1A micro code-editor for awesome web pages.
completer0.1.3A jQuery auto complete plugin.
Counter-Up1.0.0A lightweight jQuery plugin that counts up to a targeted number when the number becomes visible.
cropper4.1.0A simple jQuery image cropping plugin.
datepicker1.0.10A simple jQuery datepicker plugin.
detect_swipe2.1.4A jQuery plugin to detect swipes on touch devices.
distpicker2.0.8A simple jQuery plugin for picking provinces, cities and districts of China.
easy-countdown2.2.0Simple, lightweight and easy to use countdown plugin
egjs2.0.0Set of UI interactions, effects and utilities components library.
embed-box2.0.3Simple install guidance for CMS plugins
embedo1.14.0A simple, fast, lightweight and standalone social media content embed plugin for web
eqcss1.9.2EQCSS is a polyfill that introduces Element Queries, Scoped CSS, selectors for parent, next, and previous elements to all browsers IE8 and up
esri-leaflet-related3.0.0A Leaflet plugin that allows users to query related tables.
foggy1.1.1jQuery plugin for blurring page elements
gijgo1.9.14Gijgo is a set of free open source javascript controls distributed under MIT License. All widgets are high performance, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library with built-in support for Bootstrap, Material Design and Font Awesome. They are designed to saves you time and scales with your development process.
gitalk1.8.0Gitalk is a modern comment component based on Github Issue and Preact.
gridder1.4.2A jQuery plugin that displays a thumbnail grid expanding preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.
Iframe-Height-Jquery-Plugin1.2.5This plugin can get contents of iframe and set height of iframe automatically. Also it has cross-domain fix
imageviewer1.1.0A simple jQuery image viewing plugin.
jq-console2.7.7Feature complete web terminal
jqBootstrapValidation1.3.7A JQuery validation plugin for bootstrap forms.
jquery-bgiframe3.0.1A jQuery plugin that helps ease the pain when having to deal with IE z-index issues.
jquery-data-remote1.2.1jQuery data-remote is a plugin that simplifies the common task of making api/remote requests and injecting the response to the page. Optionally leverages Handlebars.js for templating.
jquery-flexdatalist2.3.0jQuery Datalist Autocomplete plugin
jquery-infinitescroll4.0.1Infinite Scroll is a JavaScript plugin that automatically adds the next page, saving users from a full page load.
jquery-instagram0.3.1Instagram jQuery plugin
jquery-mosaic0.15.2A free plugin for jQuery to build responsive mosaics of images or any other content fitted to match heights in multiple rows while maintaining aspect ratios.
jquery-mousewheel3.1.13A jQuery plugin that adds cross-browser mouse wheel support.
jquery-spellcheck0.2A jQuery plugin that adds spellcheck support to inputs using the Google spell checker API.
jquery.allowed-chars1.0.4jQuery plugin to restrict users for typing only allowed chars for specified element
jquery.bootstrapvalidator0.5.3The best jQuery plugin to validate form fields. Designed to use with Bootstrap 3
jquery.businessHours1.0.1jQuery plugin allows you to easy show & manage business hours
jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.blockui2.0.0Dirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent users from losing data when editing forms.
jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.bootstrap2.0.0Dirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent users from losing data when editing forms.
jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.facebox2.0.0Dirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent users from losing data when editing forms.
jquery.dirtyforms.dialogs.jquery-ui2.0.0Dirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent users from losing data when editing forms.
jquery.dirtyforms.helpers.tinymce2.0.0Dirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent users from losing data when editing forms.
jquery.dirtyforms2.0.0Dirty Forms is a jQuery plugin to help prevent users from losing data when editing forms.
jquery.iframe-transport1.0.1jQuery plugin that implements an iframe transport so that ajax calls support the uploading of files using standard HTML file input fields
jquery.tabslet.js1.7.3Yet another jQuery plugin for tabs, lightweight, easy to use and with some extra features.
jquery.webticker3.0.0JQuery Web Ticker
jsgrid1.5.3Lightweight data grid jQuery plugin. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging and sorting. Although jsGrid is tunable and allows to customize appearance and components.
justgage1.6.1JustGage is a handy JavaScript plugin for generating and animating nice & clean gauges. It is based on Raphaël library for vector drawing, so it’s completely resolution independent and self-adjusting.
knockout-delegated-events0.6.1A simple and flexible plugin to do declarative event delegation in Knockout.js
leaflet-geocoder-mapzen1.9.4Leaflet plugin to search (geocode) using Mapzen Search or your own hosted version of the Pelias Geocoder API.
leaflet-groupedlayercontrol0.6.1A Leaflet layer control with support for grouping overlays together
leaflet-hash0.2.1linkable location hashes for leaflet
leaflet.AnimatedMarker1.0.0This is a Leaflet plugin for animating a marker along a polyline.
leaflet.heat0.2.0A tiny and fast Leaflet heatmap plugin.
lightgallery2.7.2A lightweight, customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery.
livequery1.1.1A jQuery plugin that helps with dynamic DOMs.
LoadGo2.2.1LoadGo is a JQuery plugin for using your logo as a progress bar
nes10.0.2WebSocket adapter plugin for hapi routes
notifxi0.2.2A queued notification class for javascript that utilizes Bootstrap and jQuery.
oj.GitHubButton0.0.2GitHub buttons plugin for OJ
oj.JSFiddle0.0.1JSFiddle plugin for OJ
oj.TwitterButton0.0.4Twitter button plugin for OJ
oj.VimeoVideo0.0.6Vimeo Video plugin for OJ
oj.YouTubeVideo0.0.1YouTube video plugin for OJ
orgchart4.0.1Simple and direct organization chart(tree-like hierarchy) plugin based on pure DOM and jQuery.
OwlCarousel22.3.4Touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider.
prettydate0.1.0A jQuery date prettify plugin.
printThis1.15.0Printing plug-in for jQuery
Promin1.0.0A jQuery plugin to boost your HTML forms to level awesome.
qtip23.0.3Introducing... qTip2. The second generation of the advanced qTip plugin for the ever popular jQuery framework.
rateYo2.3.4A simple and flexible star rating plugin
raty3.1.1jQuery Raty - A Star Rating Plugin
recorderjs0.1.0A plugin for recording/exporting the output of Web Audio API nodes
remodal1.1.1Responsive, lightweight, fast, synchronized with CSS animations, fully customizable modal window plugin with declarative configuration and hash tracking.
response.js0.10.1Response is an experimental jQuery/Ender/Zepto plugin that gives web designers tools for building responsive websites. It can dynamically swap content based on breakpoints and data attributes.
responsive1.0.5This plugin add responsive functionality to JavaScript Charts and Maps
ReStable0.1.2jQuery plugin that make tables responsive
scrollup2.4.1A jQuery plugin to create a customisable 'Scroll to top' feature that will work with any website, with ease.
Sharrre2.0.1Make your sharing widget! Sharrre is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create nice widgets sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (with PHP script) and more.
shell.js1.0.5A JavaScript and CSS library to create terminals
sidr2.2.1Sidr is a jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu responsive.
simplePagination.js1.6A simple jQuery pagination plugin, 3 CSS themes and Bootstrap support.
sliiide1.1.4The Easiest Way to Create a Sliding Nav Menu with jQuery
slippry1.4.0Responsive slider plugin for jQuery. Intrinsic trick to enable responsive resizing without js.
smokejs3.1.1Smoke form validation and components for Bootstrap
snap.svg.zpd0.0.12A zoom/pan/drag plugin for Snap.svg
squishy1.0.1A jQuery plugin to size text such that it completely fills its container.
submitter0.3.1A simple jQuery form submitting plugin.
systemjs-plugin-json0.3.0JSON loader plugin
tag-it2.0A jQuery UI plugin to handle multi-tag fields as well as tag suggestions/autocomplete.
timer.jquery0.9.0Start/Stop/Resume/Remove a timer inside any HTML element.
trackpad-scroll-emulator1.0.8A jQuery plugin that emulates OSX trackpad-style scrollbars in any browser or platform.
typeahead-addresspicker0.1.4A quick full rewrite of jquery address picker plugin, using typeahead autocomplete from twitter and new google maps API: PlacesService and AutocompleteService
TypewriterJS2.21.0A native javascript plugin that can be used to create an elegent automatic typewriter animation effect on websites.
ui-selectableScroll0.1.4This is an extension of the original jQuery ui selectable plugin. It has capabilities to scroll vertical and horizontal as well.
vega-tooltip0.34.0A tooltip plugin for Vega-lite and Vega visualizations.
vide0.5.1Easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds.
videojs-chromecast1.1.1Displays a Chromecast button in the control bar.
videojs-ima2.3.0IMA SDK Plugin for Video.js
vue-i18n9.9.1Internationalization plugin for Vue.js
vue-instant1.0.4vue instant allows you to easily create custom search controls with auto suggestions for your vue 2 application.
vue-validator2.1.7Validator component for Vue.js
wdt-loading0.1.0Asana like application loading screen with custom phrases support
yadcf0.9.4This jQuery plug-in allows the user to easily add filter components to table columns, the plug-in works on top of the DataTables jQuery plug-in.
jquery-loading-overlay2.1.7A flexible loading overlay jQuery Plugin
image-select2.0Image Select is an extension of Chosen, a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. It provides image support for Single and Multi select HTML tags
lottie-web5.12.2After Effects plugin for exporting animations to SVG + JavaScript or canvas + JavaScript
vuex-persistedstate4.1.0Persist and rehydrate your Vuex state between page reloads.
formvalidation0.6.2-devThe best jQuery plugin to validate form fields. Support Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, SemanticUI, UIKit and custom frameworks
imagemapster1.5.4jQuery plugin that activates areas in HTML imagemaps with support for highlighting, selecting, tooltips, resizing and more
chartjs-plugin-datalabels2.2.0Chart.js plugin to display labels on data elements
paroller.js1.4.7Parallax scrolling jQuery plugin
moment-business-days1.2.0MomentJS plugin to use business days
videojs-vimeo2.0.2Allows you to use Vimeo URL as source with Video.js.
searchinghost1.6.2A pure javascript, lightweight & in-browser full-text search plugin for Ghost (blog)
chartjs-plugin-streaming2.0.0Chart.js plugin for live streaming data
chartjs-plugin-colorschemes0.4.0Predefined color schemes for Chart.js
notyf3.10.0A dead simple, responsive, a11y, dependency-free, vanilla JavaScript toast library.
docsify-darklight-theme3.2.0Enables dark and light mode for docsify sites with switch
docsify-copy-code3.0.0A docsify plugin that copies a markdown code block to your clipboard
arduino-create-agent-js-client2.11.0JS module providing discovery of the Arduino Create Plugin and communication with it
smartwizard6.0.6jQuery Smart Wizard
html-reporter9.16.3Plugin for hermione which is intended to aggregate the results of tests running into html report